THE JACKIE FACTORY is the NYC based club and special event producers collective founded by husband and wife team CHI CHI VALENTI and JOHNNY DYNELL in 1990. The Factory is best known for the 450 themed editions of its decade-long party JACKIE 60 through the 1990s, venue MOTHER (1996-2000), annual Stevie Nicks extravaganzas NIGHT OF A THOUSAND STEVIES in New York and New Orleans, and spectacles including the LOW LIFE series with HOWL! ARTS INC.

This creative collective also creates and collaborates on large-scale special events at home and cities nationwide and worldwide. As special event producers their frequent collaborators include AAB PRODUCTIONS, BASIL TWIST, DANIEL NARDICIO PRODUCTIONS and DWORLD, MACHINE DAZZLE, RACHEL KLEIN, ROB ROTH and VANGELINE THEATER. This factory specializes in themed, lavishly costumed events and also provides music, costuming, production and performers for a wide spectrum of club nights, festivals, fashion shows, private parties, parades and charity balls.